SuperMassive is a multi-dimensional entertainment company built to empower avant-garde creators.

SuperMassive builds global brands and digital worlds around original character and story-driven mythologies. We then extend these branded worlds into exciting new events, experiences, and physical products.


SuperMassive provides a next-generation IP development platform, holding company, and 360 incubation lab for the world’s top creators. By sourcing and empowering the next generation of artistic visionaries, SuperMassive will unleash a fountain of innovation in original content, events, products, and technologies across all mediums and markets.


SuperMassive acts as a seed-stage investment fund, incubator, and production company for original content projects through the initial development phases. We then partner with strategic investors, brands, and resources to help take the projects to completion, licensing, and distribution.


In addition to reasonable returns on our invested capital, SuperMassive retains a fair ownership stake in the IP that we develop together with creators. We then participate in combined revenue generated from licensing, distribution, brand advertising, subscriptions, and product sales.


SuperMassive is founded by a multi-national team of experienced creators and seasoned business leaders with connections and experience across all facets of the entertainment, technology, and financial industries.