We are a global team of creative thought leaders
across the entertainment and technology industries.

  • CEO

    内藤 慎人

    Makoto Naito

    CEO of Super Massive Global. He has run a total of 3 IT companies in Japan from when he was 22 years old. A specialist in global online solution proposals.

  • Founder


    Daniel Merlot

    Founder of Super Massive Global and a Hollywood producer with a focus on the Asian market. After performing as a DJ at world-famous music festivals such as Lollapalooza, Burning Man, Coachella, and Ultra Music Festival Miami, he has been a producer. Touring world-famous artists such as Bjork, Justice, Diplo, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Rick Rose, Far East Movement, Jane Addiction, etc. is also active as a DJ. Also active as a live music director with Red One, the main producer of Lady Gaga, U2 and AKON. In China, he produced Shang Wenjie, who is number one on the domestic chart in 2011. He was also the music director of the Tokyo Girls Collection in China. Produced G-Dragon and SPICA when she was a girl in Korea. He also produces famous TV shows and Hollywood movies in the United States.

  • CTO

    柴田 秀樹 

    Hideki Shibata

    One of the core engineers who developed the virtual currency Ripple, and an CTO of Super Massive Global who is a specialist of Fintech in Japan and the United States.

  • CIO

    児玉 英司

    Eiji Kodama

    After joining SBI SECURITIES, worked in the investment banking department for about 13 years. IPO and finance specialists with a large track record of financing primarily technology companies.


    村上 憲郎

    Norio Murakami

    Former Vice President of Google US Headquarters / Honorary Chairman of the company's Japanese corporation, a specialist with the highest background and experience in the Japanese IT world.

  • IPO /legal / Tax


    Minoru Sengoku

    Representative of Minami Aoyama FAS Holdings Yahoo Japan, Docomo, Itochu, etc. Responsible for financial advisors of various companies.

  • Tech Advisor


    Vince Argentine

    Technical Entrepreneur / Musician / Media Producer Representative of Mocap, the largest motion capture studio on the west coast of the United States. Responsible for creating motion captures for famous movies such as the movie "MARVEL HEROES" series and "AVATAR". He is also responsible for creating motion captures for well-known games such as Resident Evil and Metal Gear Solid, and is a specialist familiar with new technologies in Silicon Valley.

  • Event


    Jason Swamy

    Our advisor who has mainly developed event business in more than 100 countries. Co-founder of NET EASE CLOUD MUSIC, China's largest music streaming platform. Co-founder and creative director of Future Future, a festival in the Las Vegas desert. Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt and TESLA's Elon MusK also attended Futher Future.

  • Booking


    Jason Swartz

    Founder and booking and media promotion professional of Alliance Talent, who mainly booked over 32,000 Hollywood celebrities. A booking agent who is so famous that he never hears his name in overseas talent booking.